The founder and CEO of The Leadership Conundrum, is a strong believer in leadership and the value it brings to an organization. Mark believes in the concepts and philosophies of leadership and believes it can make or break any organization. Mark's leadership journey began in the Marine Corps. Although the Marine Corps has an authoritative rank structure, like most military organizations, they instituted leadership concepts and philosophies as the basic tenets of their operations. Learning about leadership traits and principles and becoming a student of all things leadership has laid the foundations of his beliefs and professional practice. In as much as he has learned about management and supervision over a more than 35 year professional career and a graduate degree in business, he believes leadership is the answer to many organizational problems. He also realizes the fact that leadership is a conundrum to most people and organizations, even to most of their current leadership. His goal is to provide some clarity regarding this problem. 


The key to any successful consultation is learning about the client and their organization well enough to address their needs.  Organizations are always striving to improve in many respects and being able to lead these efforts is paramount to achieving both long and short term goals. Once the client's needs are realized and analyzed, The Leadership Conundrum will develop the best delivery system for leadership training through initial and follow up consulting with the organization, and its people.